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Does eryone 3D printer resin own ROHS,REACH Certification and SDS sheet or Reach Certification?

Yes.Eryone 3D Printer resin all hold REACH AND ROHS certificates(see documentation).SDS(Safety Data Sheet )is waitting for being issued.we will update on Documatation.

Why does eryone produce dlp/lcd 3d printer resin?

Customer is core. Eryone attaches great importance to the growing resin-3d printing by making top quality,competitive lcd printer resin that works very well on every lcd printer customers own.

The second one is that,eryone plans to build own resin 3d printing products system that involve resin,resin printer,and customers.resin is the first step.

Besides printer resin,what else does erynone offer?

We value customers' feedback that are essential to polish products and imporve services,building customer-brand bonds and interaction between customers are also what we are strving we've built an facebook online community:

Eryone 3D Printing Resin and Resin Printer

a place where we constantly host activities,engage with members to create a highly active atomsphere in which members could get out of values

So if you are also fascinated about  resin-3d printing ,join us to have fun together.

For shipping&delivery issue,please refer to FAQ or Customer Service.




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