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NEW   C O L O R S, U N C H A N G E D    S T R E N G T H

Although we know that standard PLA is easy to use, we have found that in the use situation: PLA has limited toughness and strength and cannot be used in more engineering situations, such as simple hooks. So we urgently need a material with higher strength and toughness. Is it ABS? Nah. What type of filament we need is it does not produce a peculiar smell during the printing process and is eco-friendly, at the same time combines the advantages of PLA and ABS at the same time. This is PETG. and this time, different from previous transluent petg and colors,we make non-transparent PETG. and two new colors added,yellow and orange.

W H Y   I T   I S   S P E C I A L

Good temperature adaptability, it can print at low temperature2. It is more suitable for the newcomer print

Good fluidity, compatible with most FDM3d printers on the market

No odor during printing

Stronger than PLA filament, and wider application situation.

S P E C I F I  C A T I O N S



Filament diameter(mm)




Specific gravity (g/cm3)


Recommend print temperature (℃)


Recommend print speed(mm/s)


Recommend heated bed(℃)


Heat deflection Temperature (0.45 MPa) (℃)


Moisture Absorption


Recommend storage temperature(℃)



H O W   M U C H   Y O U   G E T


F A Q s

If the filament is not used for a long time, please keep them in a cool (temperature lower than 32℃) and dry environment (humidity lower than 40%) in time

Please use a soft cloth to clean the nozzles before and after printing to prevent the residual filament from affecting the printer

If there is a problem of the clog, please check whether the feeder spring is too loose and causes the consumable to slip/too tight, which causes the filament to be damaged by the gear;

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