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P R I N T  L A R G E,P R I N T  S I L E N T

The largest and widely recognized features of Eryone Thinker SE are its large build volume size 300*300*400mm that you could make large project and silent motor driver that print very quiet. very easy to use, very easy maintaince, high successful printing rate,give you perfect print result.definitely the last printer to buy in 2020!

W H Y  I T   I S   S P E C I A L

Super quiet:
We choose TMC2208 as stepper motor driver and quite fans but powerful which dramatically decreases the noise and improve the printing quality as well. The average operational noise is 49dBA, enjoy your coffee aside the 3D printer is not only a dream.

Assembly finished within 15 minutes:
The base and gantry of this 3D printer have been pre-assembled, what you need to do is put those two parts together and wire a few interfaces.

Large volume and high quality:
The printing volume is 300*300*400mm, with carefully-selected components. After 3 steps assembly, the printer can print pretty well, almost no need to calibrate.

Power failure resume feature:
Built-in supercapacitor and circuit designing, the mainboard will store the height value of Z-axis when the power off. When the power system resume, the printer can resume the print.
Open source firmware
We use the Marlin open source firmware. When you want to add advanced features for it. It will no longer be difficult because the open-source firmware has a huge community communicate with each other and help you.

Compatible with Auto-leveling sensors:
With pre-designed interface for BL-touch and capacitive proximity switch, update the firmware to enable the auto-leveling function is easily. Support Bltouch sensor (Not support inductive proximity switch).

Printer and printing properties
Print technology: Fused Filament Fabrication(FDM)
Build volume: 300mmx300mmx400mm
Print precision: 0.05mm
X, Y, Z accuracy: 12.5 μm / 12.5μm / 2.5μm
Filament diameter: 1.75mm
Default nozzle diameter: 0.4mm
Print speed: 30mm/s~145mm/s
Filament support: PLA, PETG, ABS, TPU, etc
Average operating sound: ~49dBA

Slicer software support: Cura, Simpfily3D, Prusa slic3r, Repetier-host, etc
Print file type: GCO,GCODE
Supported OS: Windows/Mac OS/Linux
Firmware type: Marlin(open source)
File transfer: USB print/Stand-alone SD card print

Power supply unit input: 100~135V/200V~264V 6A 50~60Hz
Power supply unit output: 24V/14.5A,350W
Printer operating voltage: 24V
Printer operating current: 13A
Standby power: ~15W

Physical dimensions
Desktop space: 510*415*652mm
Shipping dimension: 675 x 550 x 240mm
Nett weight: 9.3kg
Gross weight: 13.6kg

Temperature Environmental conditions
Nozzle max temperature: 250℃
Heated bed max temperature: 100℃
Nozzle heating time(20℃ ~180℃ ): ~1min
Heated bed heating time(25℃ ~60℃ ): 3min

Environmental conditions
Operating environment: 10~32℃
Non-operating environment: 0~32℃


1 x 3D printer

1 x Power supply unit

1 x Tool kit
1x SD card with SD card reader
1x USB cable

1 x 10m Random color PLA
1x Extra gift

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the Best resin i've ever used

Jamie Osborne

gray resin

6months using this resin (Maybe a little longer) Me personal their isn’t any smell that being said resin smells doesn’t really effect me.I have multiple resin machines all are varying in different parameters. I’ve had this resin print comfortable between 5secs and 10secs (The latter for yellow and cyan) - Pre supported files.

3D Printing IG


has used glitter ,marble,white PLA

I have been fascinated about the possibilities these machines give us

So fast forward to 2020, now a complete collecting of 16 printers. I have always been interested in cars, boats, planes, generally everything with an engine, and that of course includes space rockets. I scaled the model down, just enough for the base could fit my bed at 200x200mm.All the prints came out absolutely amazing and couldn't be happier about the outcome, even the top spear of the rocket came out sharp with no sign of problems. Glitter Blue PLA is still my all time favourite filament colour. follow me iG@martinfalk3d.
View Glitter



has used magenta&gray resin

I love 3D Modeling, Printing and Painting

I discovered the world of 3D in September 2017, I directly loved it ! I have been modeling since March 2019 because I really wanted to create characters & creatures from A to Z using my printers. I own two Elegoo Mars, an Elegoo Saturn. It's really more than a passion, I would like to make it my job ! I tried the Eryone resin,and I find it really great. With a 20% - 40% angle for models, I realized that perfect impressions !

view resin

3D printing writer

Michael Bird

has used TPU

Eryone TPU met most of my needs .

I first started 3D printing back in Dec 2017. I particularly love 3D printing as it allows you to create things you wouldn’t think possible and its just amazing to watch it in action,one of my first big prints was the OpenRC F1 car, of which I wanted to 3D print the tyres. I came across Eryone TPU. to print with Eryone TPU, I would suggest printing it slow with no retraction. Slow as in around 30 mm/s. I was able to use my 3D printer with a bowden tube, so direct drive is not necessarily required. The pros of Eryone TPU is that it looks and feels great. I also found it easy to print with! The cons? I would only say the grip, but this would be down to the process of printing it.

see tpu

ERYONE long time users

Trevor Shurtz

has purchased ER-20

SUPER simple to assemble

adjust Z-offset, and get printing! Took me maybe 20 minutes!
See ER-20

the manticore is flawless

Gabriel Hahr

has purchased cyan resin

I decided to print a manticore since its wings and tail were going to be a challenge for the printer to handle. I went pretty risky using entirely light supports in chitubox with a relatively low density of 65% and it didn't have any failure points. The supports popped off the surface of the model with minimal scarring and honestly aside from some z banding, which is my printers fault, the manticore is flawless. I used 8 second exposures.
View Resin

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