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U L T R A  S I L K, U L T R A  S H I N E

Based on standard PLA, ultra silk pla high-end metal toner, toughening and other additives are added to make the surface of pla achieve metal texture, it also has higher brightness and better flexibility.

Ultra silky is shinier than normal silk,very smooth to print with, very easy to use.

W H Y  I T  I S  S P E C I A L

The filament finish has a strong silk texture, brighter and shiner than normal silk PLA.

Good fluidity, no-clogging.

Good thermal adaptability.

Consistent diameter, smooth extrusion, smooth prints finish.

Compatible with most printers.

Biodegradable, eco-friendly.

Reduced layer effect.

Work under 210-220℃.

H O W  M U C H  Y O U   G E T


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