Shipping and Return Policy

S H I P P I N G    P O L I C Y

Eryone retail website works closely with its carriers to provide a competitive shipping experience for our customers.

S H I P P I N G   A R E A S

①Free shipping rate applies to places on all items across website

②We ship to: US, Canada, United Kingdom, European Union countries(Fr,It,Spain,etc)

S H I P P I N G  S P E E D

Standard Shipping.(currently).


DHL,Fedex,UPS,USPS,GSL,Royal Mail,Canada Post
S H I P P I N G  T I M E S

When shipping to destination countries, your order will arrive within these delivery estimates based on your location and selected shipping speed.

Shipping warehouses

Destination Country

Estimated Standard Shipping (business days)

US (New Work)

Contiguous U.S.


Germany(Germany, Frankfurt)



Russia Russia,Belarus

EU(Germany, Frankfurt)

Austria,Belgium, Bulgaria,Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, CzechRepublic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland,France, Germany,Greece, Hungary,Ireland, Italy,Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg,Malta, Netherlands, Poland,Portugal, Romania,Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden.

4-6 days




China (Shen Zhen)

US,EU,UK, Canada,



-Free Standard Shipping on Retail Orders Over $20 in the US, Canada and 24 Euro in European countries, United Kingdom.

-Orders placed after 4am (EST) will be processed the following business day.

-Orders placed after 4am (EST) on Saturday, will be processed the following Monday.

-Overnight orders placed Saturday before 4am (EST) will be delivered the following Monday.

-Business days are Monday-Saturday,

-We do not process, ship or deliver orders on Sundays and Chinese holidays.

-After you place an order with us, please allow 1-3 business days for us to ship your order.

-You may also reach out to (24-48hours).


You will receive an email notification once your order ships.

Allow approximately 2 – 5 business days (Monday – Saturday) for tracking information to update.


We currently support shipments to the following countries: The United States, Canada, United Kingdom.

European countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden.

R E T U R N  P O L I C Y

1.Contact First

Important knowledge: need any help, you could always get help by sending email to

2.Return wihtout reason for 7 Days.

Product purchased from is eligible for return within the first 7 days of receipt. to process a return we require authorization, please contact us with your order details before sending any return.

If you send a return without authorization, we will not know of the return and no action will be processed automatically.


1.Within seven days from the date of receipt of the goods (calculated from the day after the receipt of the goods), if the goods are in good condition, you can apply for a 7-day return without reason.

2.Integrity standard: The product that can maintain the original quality and function, and the product itself, accessories, and trademark logos are complete, is deemed to be in good condition.

3, If the gift is lost, the refund will be deducted from the cost of the gift.

4.Freight shipping fee for after-sale service:

order fulfilled

goods problems types

shipping fee

processing rules

Within 7 days

Items that qualify for the seven-day Return service without reason,

Buyers apply for a "seven-day return without reason" service

free shipping

The buyer is responsible for the freight on return of the goods

Within 7 days

Non-buyer reasons (such as quality problems, logistics damage, missing parts or product description does not match the website, etc.) request return or replacement

free shipping

The seller(eryone) is responsible for the shipping costs when the goods are returned

15 days (inclusive)

Non - buyer reason (e.g. quality problem) to request replacement

free shipping

The seller(eryone)is responsible for the shipping costs when the goods are returned

15 days (inclusive of the 15th day)

The seller agrees to the buyer's request for a replacement due to the buyer's reasons (e.g. dislike/inappropriate, etc.)

free shipping

The buyer is responsible for the freight on return of the goods

More than 15 days,

the buyer asks return and replace goods that are under warranty

free shipping

The seller is responsible for the shipping costs when the goods are returned

More than 15 days,

If the seller agrees to the buyer's request for return or replacement due to other non-sellers and commodity reasons

free shipping

The buyer is responsible for the freight on return of the goods


Due to the speed of processing we are unable cancel or amend an order in any way once submitted. o please think thoroughly before order or contact us in 24 hours before we process the order.



Couriers will frequently stash or leave the shipment with a present party (Such as a property office) to prevent theft. We encourage looking around for the order and if still not located please contact Care for assistance.


We’re happy to assist, please contact us with your order details.


Our coupons are designed for one-time use, If your coupon code is not working on products not listed above, please contact Care.


Our Discount Code field is located below the contact info summary during the final page of checkout.

If you are still unable to locate it, please contact us.

A F T E R  S A L E & T E C H  S U P P O R T

In Eryone, we provide full after sale service and tech support when you have problem using your products. we have powerful tech support team ready to help you with your 3d printing issues.

please follow these steps to get quick after sale service or tech support:

1.identify your issue first.

on eryone3d category, post your questions with pictures and description. we will get back to you when we see in 24-72hours

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